I'm a nineteen year old developer and mathematician. In my pocket are available my works, experience and skills. I will be grateful if you find time to go through it.


I am fond of programming in many forms. Some of them are listed here.

  • Javascript slideshows, photoboxes and efects on websites, apps for FFOS (see section Firefox OS), experience with CoffeeScript, jQuery, Hammer.js, Angular
  • Python for complete control of my RasPI, a lot of applications and algorithmic tasks, some experience with PyQt
  • Algoritmization as participant of seminar and self-study (understanding the data structures such as graphs, searching tree, flow network…)
  • C/C++ for a lot of algorithmic exercises
  • PHP used in plenty of websites, also experience with Nette
  • Codeforces look at my profile
  • C# for some small games
  • Java for some application for Android
  • Baltie look at SGP


I have made several games. Two of them are in this video. Everything in these games is my creation.

Firefox OS

I've found pocket as a mark under which I publish apps for smartphones. You can distinguish my app by the O at the beginning of each name. Please click for more info.
That O before any app means Ouch, that's cool.
Originaly created due to the lack of good notes on the Marketplace. Currently, it has the ability of automatic backup and autosaving while typing.
O calc is a scientific calculator which is able to solve formulas and can factorise the result. Use swipe down/up gesture, so there can be much more functions.
O meteor is an addictive game in which you must protect your base on the moon from the falling meteorites. For help you can reach shield and many more bonuses.


I have been interested in Blender for about a year. I have made some videoclips and pictures. The middleage chamber was made for an online game with the same principle as a Travian. The game really works and there was a private server. The public server was never launched. For better quality just click the image.


I use Linux as a primary system since 2011. I have tried plenty of distributions; currently I am using Arch, Fedora and Debian. I have also installed Linux for several acquaintances as a substitution for Win XP.

I have bought Raspberry PI and Arduino. I set it as a server for auto backups, for sharing data, streaming movies, mysql, php and ftp server and playing movies on TV. I also wrote a program for setting everything automatically and made a library for films (with auto download subtitles).

I am also experienced in using Linux tools such as Git, VIM, TeX and CLI in general.


I am partially interested in making sites; I have made about twenty websites. All the material I have made on my own (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript - I am currently experiencing with CoffeeScript). On the server side I write code in PHP and MySQL. I know pretty much about the relations because I created book's database databases. Unfortunately all the websites are in czech. Just for your information, the first one is for bakery and the second one is book's database.


I cooperate with the library in my town. I have designed the librarian's t-shirts, made videoclips of many events (as well organised them) and I have designed the pictograms shown below.

I also cooperate with a webdesign company (I am mainly making CSS) and I am an outside worker for a computer company.


I have taught a class of computer technology for one year. I have covered some of the following topics: Linux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, robot KAREL, Python, editing images, administration of Windows with each student.

The year before I taught a cryptography class. We have covered mostly the popular (such as cipher games) and with each student briefly touched on computer cryptography.

Other activity

I contribute to some projects (see my Github).

I participate some Czech seminars, two for math, two for IT and one for physics. People during the whole year send there the solutions of problems and at the end of year about twenty best participants are invited for the seminar with lectures and researches.

I am also keen on cryptography. I have participated in many cipher games and have passed the online cryptography course by MIT by 100%.

I speak fluent English at the level B2 and German at the level B1.


  • Mathematic Olympiade - 6th place in the national round
  • 2th and 7th place in the championship in IT of CZ
  • several first places in Creative Baltie and Baltie contents (both international for Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary)
  • I was choosen for the international EYP conference
  • three years in row first place in national round of Beaver of Informatics
  • three times awarded as successful representative of Southern Bohemia
  • 4th place in the Pilsprog - national programming contest

Future plans

I have been accepted at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University - bachelor in IT

Currently, I am porting operating systems to Geeksphone Peak, developing my own 3D printer and USB device which provides better control of keyboard and secure way of storing passwords. I am also learing for my CAE exam.


Feel free to contact me on e-mail jk@janknizek.cz.

Follow my Github.